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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


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 A few months ago we performed in Disneyland for our 30th anniversary!  These are a few of the highlights from the performance.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


This was our last Foreign Trip... at least until we go on another one that is!

(Above) We drew quite a crowd when we performed outside a popular mall)

We performed at the amazing Xcaret and went swimming in their natural underground river afterwords (boy it was hot- in chitzenitza (sp???) you could see everybody's sweat dripping from the walls!)

(BELOW) Check it out: The lazy river is actually behind the stage so we could see people floating by as we danced!

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Outside the home where Anne Frank hid during the war.

By the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Performing at an Asperagus Fest in Southern Germany.

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We performed as part of the 25th anniversary of Disney World!

We also went to GATOR LAND which was completely AWESOME!
(Someone please send me pictures!)

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HAWAII (second trip) 1994


(Below) Performing at the PCC [Polynesian Cultural Center].

Once again we scored! The PCC no longer allows outside groups to perferm at their venue. This trip was so fun! We also performed at a local elementary school and ate lunch with the kids.

We were there during the Tsunami scare! Nothing happened but we bought "I survived the Tsunami" T-Shirts at the flea market anyway.

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CANADA (July 5th-13th 1992)


Performing at the Stampede (which is impossible to do now - see below).

Our show almost got rained out until we moved it under this pavilion at Heritage Park.

Calgary Stampede Clogging Tour Facts:

The tour was 9 days and 9 nights. We experienced the world's largest rodeo, chuck wagon races, Heritage Park, and we luged down an Olympic course! We went to Banff, the Columbian Ice Fields, Canada's Olympic Park, and ice skated at the Edmonton Mall. We ate in the Calgary Tower and clogged on a glacier. We actually performed in the Calgary Stampede which is awesome considering the fact that Canada no longer allows non-Canadians to perform in this amazing spectacle. Oh- and we saw a bear from the tour bus but our tour guide was really grouchy and wouldn't let us stop or slow down to take pictures. One more thing: Lake Louis was gorgeous!

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I've treid to count how many times we've perfromed in Disneyland and, to be honest, I'm not quite sure. I'm thinking we went about every other year so the number is probably 10.
FYI: One time we went twice in the same year! They gave us bags I think, instead of T-shirts because we had already recieved the shirts. Our last Disney trip was before I moved to NYC in 2005. It was the first time we took a large group of 1st years.

(ABOVE) Disneyland Hotel

(ABOVE) Our first performance in 1988. We were then the Southern Utan Stompers.

Our first professionally printed T-Shirts!

(ABOVE) This is our second to last trip.

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